$$$$$ DAILY PROFITS $$$$$


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    $$$$$ DAILY PROFITS $$$$$

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:49 pm

    INTRODUCING ===>> 1 OF THE  MOST FUN THINGS ,THAT WE WILL HAVE HERE!! This thingy here will be like a daily Check out. It goes easy . In game clear out 1 full Stash tab , When you start spamming put all the orbs you buy in there, and before you go to bed or you stop playing for the day , come to the forum and post the number of orbs , then clear the stash page again for the next day. This way you can easily keep track of daily profit. I will update in forum daily and everyone will have a > TOTAL SUM OF ORBS ACCUMULATED < Over the months .. lets hope for years Very Happy Will be fun 3 years from now to see how many orbs we scammed from people =d I will also try to make some awesome tab and graph of the orbs , but first will have to figgure out how to put in the forum. For now just give a list like

    example list*

    Date : 29.02.2016 ( Ruffly estimated time played - 4 hours total ) Orbs aquired :
    chroms 438; alts 221 ; jew 180; chisel 443 ; divine 10; regrets 22; scour 29; gcp 3 ; chance 43.

    Thats it. just follow this model and it wont cost u more then 1-2 minutes a day . The effort will be from me to calculate and update all the results but i dont mind doing it . will be fun.

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    Re: $$$$$ DAILY PROFITS $$$$$

    Post by GreatkingLBA on Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:33 pm

    sry, but i dont remember i buy, but ill try to show bro ;D

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