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    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:08 pm

    I will make these rules way more fancy but for now I'll just write them down.

    Rule #1 - TRUST BETWEEN US TO 120 %
    Rule #2 - TRUST BETWEEN US to  120 %
    Rule #3 - TRUST BETWEEN US TO 120 %
    Rule #4 - Everything that is  going on in the alliance is decided with 100 % agreement of all members. If 1 member does not agree we don't do it. Simple as that.
    Rule #5 - I will give the general commands and ideas , will be responsible for all organization and will do most of the work . If you dont agree with something we will discuss it so we all are okey with it. If you have any ideas or suggestions yourselves , please dont hesitate to tell me. I am not a dictator , our goal here is fun + friendship.
    Rule #6 - (reminder of trust between us, this is the most important thing. We all must have and build a trust at a level that if someone gives a fellow member 580 exalted orbs , he will know 100 % that  he's gonna get them back , + the member that has the exalts wont even think about keeping them for himself. REMEMBER. WE SCAM OTHERS , WE DONT SCAM OURSELVES! )
    Rule#7 - Profit more, Improve more, Have fun more. With time passing if we all work smart and serious into this, we can make our business absolute and incredibly fun. Double scam deals, mixed trades and so much more. For this ofcourse rules 1,2,3 and 6 must be followed strictly.
    Rule #8 - Trading at the fixed rates is a MUST , Those rates will be changed some day ( maybe very soon ) but we all use the same> BASIC <  rates . (if someone wants to deal with augments , chroms, alts , blacksmiths etc feel free to do so at whatever rates u want) .
    Rule #9 - Keep low on our alliance and what we do. We dont need too many people wanting to do our business a total of 7-8 max of us is plenty good enough. Dont brag how much exalts u make . The less people get it the better.
    Thats it for now. I really look forward to work and have fun with all of u guys. Be serious about it , I guarantee you that I will be . And my great idea and vision will become reality in the near future!!

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